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    I´ve always wondered about this, I´d like to know your opinion.
    What happens if someone does something wrong regularly because of a pattern of behavior or an addiction. Is it a sin every time they do it (even if they can help themselves?) or was it a sin only the first time?

    Let´s say for example a guy is a heroin addict, he sinned the first time he used drugs right? So what happens if he becomes so addicted (by his own fault of course) he can no longer control it and has to continue doing drugs, is he sinning every time?

    I´m not trying to excuse anyone´s behavior, I´m talking about extreme cases I´ve heard of people who actually have to be given drugs by doctors because if they suddenly stop taking the drugs they would die. Again I realize this is a consequence of their own wrong actions, but are they sinning every time they do drugs [i:27muaiyr]after [/i:27muaiyr] they´re addicted?

    I also realize they have the responsability to try to do everything in their power to stop the habit.

    God´s Peace and Love



    Well, if the person is so controlled by the addiction then no, at least not a mortal sin. I believe the Catechism sheds some light on this subject as well.

    In order for there to be sin, one must consciously choose to do that action. If someone is addicted to something then most likely they are being ruled by their addiction and not purposely choosing to turn away from God.


    In the following post I noted to you that 3 things must apply for it to be mortal sin.


    As Jon has noted that a person not fully conscious would immediately dismiss it from being mortal sin. It is venially sinful and if they died in that state would most likely enter purgatory and later with our Lord in heaven. But only God knows in which state and the hearts of men as I’m sure you are aware of this.

    Hope this helps.



    Its weierd because i hear that people are made homosexuawal by god to understand that wat they are doing is a sin so that sin becomes them like how being gay is conciderd a sin, but if you led such an unrighus life you didn’t see what was wrong and god put such sin on you to see what can happen. Somthing like that anyway

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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