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    Mexico has announced a new swine flu epidemic that has claimed some lives. they say it is spreading and causing a global panic and state of emergency. people in Mexico (the epicenter of the disease) have begun wearing protective masks when going out.
    they say it has also spread to Texas, California, and New York.
    heres some news about it from yahoo news:

    NEW YORK – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that students at a city high school were infected with swine flu.

    New York officials previously had said they were eight “probable” cases, but tests later confirmed that it was indeed swine flu. Bloomberg stressed that the cases were mild and many are recovering.

    The city is awaiting the tests of additional samples to see if more St. Francis Preparatory School students were infected.

    About 100 students complained of flu-like symptoms at the school. Some students went to Cancun on a spring break trip two weeks ago.

    Here is another article about it also from yahoo news:

    MEXICO CITY – Churches stood empty Sunday in heavily Roman Catholic Mexico City after services were canceled, and health workers screened airports and bus stations for people sickened by a new strain of swine flu that experts fear could become a global epidemic.

    President Felipe Calderon has assumed new powers to isolate people infected with the deadly swine flu strain that Mexico’s health minister says has killed up to 81 people and likely sickened 1,324 in the country since April 13.

    The flu has spread beyond Mexico’s borders with confirmed cases in the United States and suspected cases as far away as New Zealand.
    In Mexico, soldiers and health workers patrolled the capital’s subway system on Sunday handing out surgical masks and looking for possible flu cases. People were advised to seek medical attention if they suffered from multiple symptoms which include a fever of more than 100 degrees, body aches, coughing, a sore throat, respiratory congestion and, in some cases, vomiting and diarrhea.

    Hundreds of public events from concerts to sports matches to were called off to keep people from congregating and spreading the virus in crowds. Zoos were closed and visits to juvenile correction centers were suspended.

    About a dozen federal police in blue surgical masks stood in front of Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral, which was nearly empty after a measure canceling services to avoid large concentrations of people.

    Johana Chavez, 22, said she showed up for her confirmation only to find a sign advising that all Masses, baptisms and confirmations were canceled until further notice.


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