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    I don’t know what other sites you all visit, but I frequent the site for my local newspaper, CNN.com, and other news sites. I usually read the comments that are below the articles and it seems like there is so much negativity in those comments. I can hardly stand to read them anymore because it seems like people just hurl insulting rhetoric at each other, painting with extremely broad strokes. Is it just me or does anyone else notice this?


    I’ve noticed the same thing, most of all when it comes to Relgion and Politics. I do however think that most people who take the time to post are at one end or the other of the spectrum, and go to the sites itching to pick a fight.

    Their momma’s should have taught them some manners.


    Exactly. I mean, what happened to civil discourse and using critical thinking skills before laying your hands on a keyboard?

    Not only is it in articles about religion or politics, but even in stories about personal tragedies or those kinds of things. That’s when people start coming out of the woodwork to judge other people’s actions.

    I’ve even seen it in articles about the warm temperatures on the East Coast this past week. Lots of people slinging mud back and forth about the weather (and some people’s ability to tolerate it)!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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