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    I was a non-Catholic, non-baptised when I got married. My husband at the time was Catholic. 5 years later I converted to Catholicism and was baptized in the Catholic church. We had a child a year later and she too was baptized in the Catholic Church. In February, my husband divorced me. I understand in the Catholic Church that marriage is for life and I took that commitment very seriously when I married. Now, that my husband has chosen a different path, I am left with some confusion. I guess my question is was my marriage valid at the time in the Catholic Church. I thought that it was as the priest allowed us to get married in the Catholic Church. There was not a full mass for our wedding as I was not Catholic and could not partake in the mass. Confused…I am Catholic now and believe that my husband is still my husband even though we are divorced by law. I guess I am just seeking clarification. I appreciate your thoughts and knowledge.


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