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    We just had a National Day of Prayer recently.

    I’m not sure of its history, but what do you think of having a national day for people to pray?

    I’m not quite sure if I jive with the whole idea and sometimes I wonder why people are so quick to support things like this that “bring us together.” Why are we really coming together? Is anything going to result from it?

    I just have a lot of questions about things like this.


    I think that a National Day for prayer is more for the person who is slightly shaky in their faith. While praying for others is great and God answers prayers. I dont think He answers them according to how many people pray at the same time, I think He answers them as He sees fit for His good and perfect plan. Back on topic… I think a National Prayer day would strengthen the faith of others as you could witness how many other people out there besides yourself believe in what you. Its kind of an emotional support thing. Not to mention that other, non-believers could physicaly see the presence of the faith out there, and perhaps get the boost they need to attend a Church somewhere. Thats how I’d view it anyways.



    I had very similar questions Jon. <img decoding=:” title=”Question” />


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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