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    This article from Catholic Answers, Karl Keating reminded me of the tactics of Ron, who used to come here assured that anything Catholic was wrong, and we needed him to teach us the Bible. It may be helpful in answering some of the “usual suspects” or common attacks on the teachings of the Catholic Church, vs the new theologies of various Fundimentalist groups.





    Andres Ortiz

    I’m sure he still lurks around here…



    Sometimes the truth is too much for people to deal with.



    [quote:d56ikrys]”Catholic Liars (better name for this organization): I pray, if you’re a clerk receiving this, that you read, ponder, and investigate. Investigation must be done with a King James Bible, not the Catholic man-made lie book.”

    I just had to laugh at the lack of insulting skills this writer has :lol:
    In all seriousness…It still surprises me how little of tolerance others have for another’s faith

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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