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    Did you ever see Constantine starring Keanu Reeves? Personally I thought this was a really interesting movie seeing how Hollywood yet again goes over the top with its toying of Catholicism. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I absolutely love this movie. I first saw it with a Catholic friend and we laughed so much in the theatre yet still found that this movie provoked a lot of discussion about Christianity depicted by the media.

    In light of the Da Vinci Code on the big screen, are any of you offended by Constantine (the movie, not the Emperor…)? If not (or if so) what “line” have you drawn to distinct what you find insulting (blaspemous?) as it relates to your committment as a Catholic?

    It seems to be getting harder and harder to discern what is “too far” with so many recent movies that are based on the Christian religion. Such movies are not simply “Exorcist” movies anymore; they’re witty, resourceful, and quite commendable at times.

    Mind you, the Excorcist (and its sequals) is very harmful, but movies that really got me thinking on this topic are the above mentioned as well as ‘Bless the Child’.

    Your thoughts please <img loading=” title=”Wink” />


    I’ve never seen Constantine so I guess I can’t comment. Sorry. <img loading=” title=”Sad” />


    Yes, I saw the movie. I am not offended by the movie. The movie is not an attack on the church. Just hollywood being stupid, which is the norm. By the way, did you see the movie Da Vinci Code? I didn’t and don’t care to. But the Constantine movie was very interesting like you said. I thought the best part of the movie was when Keanu Reeves went down into hell. I thought the enviornment of hell was very interesting as well as the demons that were next to him, looking over him. I would have to watch the movie over again to see if there was any blaspemous remarks. But don’t care to. If I did see it again I would just fast forward to the hell scene and that’s it. By the way, could you imagine hell looking like that? That is some scary stuff.


    Quite rare are the religious based movies nowadays that don’t try to mock or discredit, even if indirectly, our Faith and our Church. That’s just the way it goes these days and we’ll just have to remain aware, critical and with sharp responses on our tongues to those eager to bury Christ.

    I saw Constantine and it was just Hollywood garbage all over again. But it is much more innocent than The Da Vinci Code, for instance. I’m glad I didn’t contribute with a single dime to make Dan Brown or Ron Howard any richer by mocking our Faith.


    thanks for your thoughts. Now we’ve got a discussion started about something. Usually people are interested in movies so I brought it up <img loading=” title=”Confused” />

    Bernardine, quite true it is not an attack on the faith. Christianity is so often a vehicle that drives artist imaginations isn’t it? The realm of Christianity is so vast in its “mythology” (I don’t believe that’s what it is but it is so easily crafted in this way) that it must be hard for a creative non-Christian to avoid using Christianity in his/her own artistic expression. By the way, did you know Constantine is based off a comic series? It’s suppossed to be a lot darker (Constantine kills a girl and sends her to hell :mrgreen: ) and the like.

    The hell scene is typical Western Renaissance imagery, I doubt greatly if Hell is anything like that, but could we imagine a hell any worse? Perhaps, but it’s not a contest I guess:)

    I’m glad to see that you guys (Bernardine and TeDeum) were not bothered by the movie, though Te Deum you express concern, valid I think. The Da Vinci Code is heresy, Constantine is creative. It’s ok to use the religion of Christianity to drive ones creative genius, but it’s simply horrible when one uses it as a money-maker and then turn around and hope the its foundation crumbles. Dan Brown is an ass who will receive his full like all the others responsible for gnostic gospel’s – willingly. I haven’t seen The Da Vinci Code and like you Te Deum, I don’t intend to.

    Back to Constantine, isn’t Keanu Reeves the perfect actor for that role? I think he was born to play it. His character’s weird, kinda creepy, a lost soul, but still, he’s got his head own screwed straight somewhere in all that lung cancer:) For me, he’s the new 21st century hero of the post-modern religions. It’s a scary world, I like it.


    Yah, Keanu Reeves just fits those roles perfect. Yah, I knew it was a comic book but I have never actually seen an issue. I don’t really read comics anymore. I do have Superman vs Doomsday, the one where Superman dies. It has a protective plastic cover over it and the comic book itself is in mint condition.

    My personal opinion on Dan Brown is that he won’t make it to heaven, based solely on the blasphemy that he created within his little nutshell head when he wrote his Da Vinci Code. Matthew 12:31
    [color=red:3ez0uznl]”Therefore, I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.”[/color:3ez0uznl]

    I’m going to see the Omen tonight. The previews looked pretty cool.

    Have you seen “The End of the Spear”? I saw it on opening night and it was a good movie. Although I am a little skeptical on those jungle people actually seeing angels lift that guy up to heaven. I am hoping that was just dramatization. And if it wasn’t, I wish I couldv’e been their.


    [quote:10pjk8kg]My personal opinion on Dan Brown is that he won’t make it to heaven, based solely on the blasphemy that he created within his little nutshell head when he wrote his Da Vinci Code. Matthew 12:31
    [color=red:10pjk8kg]”Therefore, I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.”[/color:10pjk8kg][/quote:10pjk8kg]
    That’s quite presumptuous. :shock:


    Yah, you could say I get heated when the subject of Dan Brown/ Da Vinci Code come up. Maybe I was a bit over the top on that one. I hope someday God will find Dan Brown and bring him home, or Dan Brown finds truth himself. But if he doesn’t, based on Matthew 12:31, it’s not looking good. <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

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