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    I wanted to know, today is the day our Lord was crucified for the sins of the world…but…how do we know it was TODAY? did someone write down the date when he was crucified?



    There was only one Friday during the time around which Jesus was aged 30-33 that was also the first day of Passover on the Jewish Calendar. While the Jewish Calendar is Lunar and our is solar, we honor the day by celebrating the events that lead to our spiritual liberation by choosing the Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday that falls on the dates that fall on the fist occurance that comes after the first full moon after the Spring Equanox. While the actual date on the Jewish calendar falls on different days of the week, most Christians have tranditionally Celebrated each Sunday as a recollection of Easter, and Holy Week according to the formula above.

    There was a time where various groups celebrated Easter according to different methods of calculating the date of Easter, a few today still calculate according to the Lunar or Julian calendars rather than the Gregorian (now standard religious and secular) calendar.


    if our Lord died on a friday(i heard it was 3pm) and resurrected on a sunday(i also it was 3am), how is it 3days?
    is the biblical “3 days” not a 24hour period?



    The marking of time, and the language used in the times the Bible was written was not as exacting as modern english demands.

    An example would be when someone replies to a question as to when something will happen in spanish with “Manana” it does not mean the literal translation of “Tomorrow” but rather some time soon. Three days in the tomb, can be interpreted as spanning over three days.

    There is an old saying, “The translator is a liar.” Because translation is very tricky. You can translate literally from one language to another, but we all know that some words have more than one meaning. Sarcasm and other double meanings cannot always be translated. Local idioms also can be missed. So we have to be very careful when we put our own interpretation as correct, rather than a consensus of the Fathers, or the Teaching Authority of the Church/


    Andres Ortiz
    "LARobert":273dt0dl wrote:
    The marking of time, and the language used in the times the Bible was written was not as exacting as modern english demands.[/quote:273dt0dl]
    While this seems like a simple and convenient explanation, the truth might be just a little more complex. I’d like to know your thoughts on this article:


    The website is written by members of the Independent Baptist Church. They tend to want to re-invent just about everything, and strip away all Christian practices and teachings that have any Catholic influence. These various theories have been around for the past 100 years of so, most Biblical scholars of good repute don’t bother to refute them because they have so few followers.

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