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    In another thread discussion was started on materialism being a close 2nd as the devil’s most effective weapon. The discussion stemmed from the perverse distortion of sex being #1.

    I suppose it could be argued both ways that materialism or the perverse distortion of sex is the devil’s most effective weapon. I see the 2 as being very closely related.

    I was having a discussion with my wife a few days ago almost about this very topic. She brought up that perhaps consumerism is what’s causing many of America’s societal issues. It never leaves you satisfied. You can always just go out and buy a new and better thing.

    Divorce rates have gone up over the last 50 years. Is there a connection between the divorce rate and materialism/consumerism? This is definitely something worth exploring.


    Not only can you “always get out and get a new and better thing”, but is encouraged (for economic gain) and glorified (to make people believe they can fill a “void”) by society. It is considered synonymous with success, and in this society being successful is the ONLY important thing.

    I think the problem with sex (the bad part) and materialism is that not only are problems by itself, but they are hughly encouraged and accepted as normal. Drugs for example are also a problem but you also see campaigns and other forms of education to discourage them. Sex and materialism can be highly addictive but they dont come with any “warning label”

    I think the pressure society puts on “success” (having lots of stuff) can be a huge burden on a marriage.
    Also if you are brainwashed to get a “new and better thing” by materialism
    and to see women (or men) as objects, you may just go ahead and do exactly that “get a new and better thing”



    The god of materialism and sex is now ever so popular. To some extent this is worse then drugs. Because at least drugs is unacceptable by the secular world. Materialism is how many measure thier worth and success. It’s affects don’t come to you like a drug high. It creeps into your home and eats away at your marriage, friends, finances, etc. This is materialism at it’s best.



    I strugle with the sinful thoughts that come into my mind due to money, daily. I heard money is the root of all evil an i’m still thinkin about it but i’m inclined to agree at this point. You never think about shaggin a girl in order to get money, but the opposite, so I would have money as the number 1 root of sin. Therefore on the upside the number 1 method of resisting sin being eliminatng your wanton desire for money. Something that i’m gettin close to. A good way to do this i find, is to give it away. Peace


    Speaking of giving it away, I hear About Catholics (this website) is gladly accepting donations. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

    Anyway, that’s a very interesting take. I think money is locked into materialism. Money is a material and money can clearly buy things. So the craving for money is ultimately materialism.

    Going back to materialism for a minute and the discussion that having more upgrades one’s status I heard something recently about the new litmus test for status: how many personal services one has or the amount of people one has working for them.

    Personal services seems to be the rage in Hollywood in terms of status. Not sure where I got that information, but it appears that having stuff is not all that anymore – it’s how many people you have working for you. Quite interesting.


    <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> NICE. How much would you like from me?


    Free will offering. You know your pocketbook better than I do. http://www.aboutcatholics.com/donate/

    If you need to discuss specifics you can PM me. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    You can ignore the $500 goal on that page if you are looking to unload even more than that.


    <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> You are a funny guy man. but ask an you shall receive right? Give when you are asked to give right? So not a problem bro i’ll donate what I can. Peace. By the way, what will the money be used for?


    Well, on this link http://www.aboutcatholics.com/donate/ it says what donations are generally used for.

    My main concern is advertising the website. So, depending on how much I receive for a donation I may be able to make some banners and advertise on high-traffic Catholic sites. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    Advertising costs are expensive, so that is why I have not done any as of yet.


    we’ll i’m 19 and not rich quite yet but i’ll see what i can do. Peace


    Ey yo. Jon. I live in England and I don’t have a credit card. E-mail me your address and i’ll send you some doe. Peace

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