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    I am catholic and my fiance is not. We will be getting married outside at the reception hall. We have been unable to get a catholic priest to do this. They say they cannot marry outside the wall of a church.

    I take my faith seriously, but I also have responsibilities to my future wife. I want the catholics faith represented, but it doesn’t appear it will happen. I feel sadden by this. Jesus did most of preaching along side of the road and not in temple. I am having a difficult time with this. <img src=” title=”Sad” />

    Please shed some light on this and also when we do get married by either her pastor or JOP will I have a problem getting my children baptized.




    There should not be any problem with getting a child baptized.

    The Church requires Catholics to be married in the house of God. The only exception to this, that I know of, is when a Catholic marries a Jew.

    What is the problem with being married in a church?



    My future wife and I have decided to marry outside at reception hall. We just wanted to remain neutral if you will and wanted an outside wedding.



    That sets a weird precedent. How are you going to bring your children up in the faith if your fiance (and/or in-laws) does not feel welcome in it or comfortable near it?



    I am not sure if you understood I meant we are having a minister from my fiance church. We couldn’t get a catholic priest to marry because it wasn’t inside a building.

    As far as a precedent , our children will be brought up christian. We will each find our salvaltion through our faiths. I believe faith can be achieved in many ways.

    thanks for your in put





    Sorry for your frustration. I most definately feel for the situation. I have never attended a wedding, outside church walls, given by a Priest.

    I have however, attended weddings in churches of other dominations, where a Priest came to participate. I don’t know if that will help you any at this point, but thought I’d put that on the table.

    Pray on this, with your fiance, and see where God takes you.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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