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    I have noticed what seems to be a growing trend and that is of kids retaliating in very violent ways when they are disciplined: http://www.cnn.com/2004/LAW/10/11/mothe … index.html

    What causes someone to go so far as to kill another person when [i:vkl54xl2]they[/i:vkl54xl2] were the ones who did wrong? What motivates someone to do that? <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />


    I want to say pride and stupidity.


    I think all sin stems from the one of the greatest sins, selfishness or self-love. What I mean is that when people are only thinking about themselves, they do things only for themselves and not for God or anyone else. Love of self is dangerous because it destroys every one of the fruits of the Spirit and gives us the same view of things as Satan gave Eve in the Garden. It is the very opposite of Christ’s nature and the nature of the Virgin Mary. When people are self-centered they are blind to everything else, including God and His Law.


    what asimonelli said reminds me of a talk I heard on a tape once. The priest that was talking asked what was in the center of all sin – I. s-I-n.

    But what really irks me is that it seems to be cool these days to be disrespectful. In other words, people get respect from their peers for being disrespectful to others. It make no sense to me.

    Relating that to this news story, I am dumbfounded that someone would have such a lack of respect for his or her parents that he or she would shoot them dead. There are deeper problems here and how do we address them?

    In the big picture it seems that there is a growing trend for a lack of respect of authority and people put into those authority positions. Yes, it’s ok to question authority, but there are limits as to how to handle that questioning.

    On the other side of that coin is the abuse of the authority that is given to certain people which can lead to a general mistrust of the people under that particular authority.

    I also think parents and educators need to better equip our children with healthy conflict resolution skills. Violence does not solve problems, but only buries them deeper.


    I think that it comes from the lack of consistency on the part of the parents. Many parents give in to their children too much. Little Johnny has every video game, gaget, toy, whatever that he asks for. I think that kids it this situation do not know what limits are. Mom and Dad never say no or tell the kid that they have to work for something. What they want, they get. I have seen kids without discipline who talk any way that they want to their parents, especially mom, without repercussions. I can see this lead a child to express anger in violent ways. They do not understand that there are consequences to their actions. They do not understand that killing someone is bad and that you have to go to prison for this. Not saying no to your kids leads to self-centeredness, it’s all about me.

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