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    Seeing sales have slump last couple years Wal-Mart and Target are getting in the “Christmas spirit” Wal-Mart is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas at the door and on the Target ads Christmas is back in,how phony are these stores there only doing it for profit.When someone wishes me a “Happy Holidays” I ask them which one do you mean and most say of course “Christmas”.To be Political correct everybody thinks they have to say “happy holidays”Just think about it have you ever met a “Political correct politician”? I wonder if Target will also let the bell ringers(Salvation Army)back on there properity this year,some do gooders wanted equel rights.



    Walmart took heavy losses last year due to the Happy Holidays crap. This year, they are going overboard with the Merry Christmas.



    [color=green:hlnw4fdh]Best Buy is sticking with “Happy Holidays” again this year. [/color:hlnw4fdh]



    Did Best Buy ever use Merry Christmas?

    That was the trouble with Walmart. They used to be Merry Christmas and decided to be PC last year with Happy Holidays.


    Andres Ortiz

    What I find most intriguing is that even though these companies all say “Happy Holidays” we all know the big sales end after Dec. 25. They close their stores on Dec. 25, but not Dec. 26 for Kwanzaa.

    It’s just double-speak and trying not to piss off too many people in the hopes they meet their sales and profit goals.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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