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    Good news for all seekers of the truth.

    I’ve found, (or in truth someone else found, and I stumbled on the link) an online edition of John Henry Cardinal Newman’s book on the development of Doctrine. Cardinal Newman started life as a rabid anti-Catholic, from there while a student and later professor at Oxford University he began studies of the Early Church Fathers and became a member of the Tractarian Movement, and Anglican attempt to regain the intellectual losses of the Protestant and Evangelical movements in England after Henry VIII ransacked the Monastic Communities and tossed the Nuns out of their convents in an effort to fill his coffers and gain favor among his nobles by selling or giving away the properties he confiscated. This eventually led Newman to come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church was the only Church that had a Moral, Spiritual and Historic claim as the Church founded by Christ. His book can be found at the link below.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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