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    Andres Ortiz

    What is your experience with intercessory prayer? Have you witnessed an answer to your prayer before? Do you find it valuable?


    Definitely. Intercessory prayer, like all prayer, is powerful, but with more people praying, it not only gives one peace of mind but really does help. An example would be my nephew, who was born three months early. His mother however, (my sister) had her water break at about 23 weeks, which is a TERRIBLE time for it to happen, and it was only by the grace of God and lots of prayers that they were able to kepp the baby inside her womb for as long as they did.


    Andres Ortiz

    Well, to be honest I haven’t put much stock in prayer in recent years. It’s the one thing that’s really lacking in my relationship with God. Lately I have been doing some reading and the book has been talking so much about the power of intercessory prayer. I guess I just never it much thought before. I mean, I’d heard all about it, etc. but never put some [b:2fosj4l0]serious[/b:2fosj4l0] effort into it.



    I, like Jon, have not put enough effort into intercessory prayer. I have done it and seen results but in my case it usually took months and years before I saw something. Other times nothing happen, perhaps that is God’s will.



    If you ask for something, it will happen if it is good. It just mgiht not happen the way you THOUGHT it should, or you mgiht never REALIZE it happened.

    I am really surprised to hear this from you guys…



    [quote:1hx8dyrz]I am really surprised to hear this from you guys…[/quote:1hx8dyrz]

    Huh…. <img src=:” title=”Question” />

    What exactly did I say.



    Just that you aren’t very into intercessory prayer. Nothing major, just somewhat surprised.


    Andres Ortiz

    Well, it’s been the slowest thing to develop in my faith. I don’t know why. Perhaps because it is not very pragmatic and I’m a pretty pragmatic person.



    I suppose it was the tradition that I came from and also the fact that I get caught up on other church matters. Either way it’s something for me to work on.



    See prayer has been the first thing to develop in my faith because it is the thing I can do best; I can’t exactly go on street socorners proselytizing, but I can PRAY for people. That leads to everything else.


    I too am sold on intercessory prayer. When I had cancer and was undergoing interferon therpy, the prayers of others kept me going. When someone told be they wished me “luck” it really did not mean anything to me. Put when they said they were praying for me it lifted me so high up. <img src=” title=”Smile” /> I had people praying for me in non-Catholic churches. People I never met and who never asked me to attend their church. I had Catholics praying for me and that was a big reason why I returned to the Catholic faith. I feel a spiritual obligation to pray for others. Especially those who have cancer. Please let me know if I can pray for you or a loved one of yours.

    At age 4 my mother was burned over much of her face, chest and arms. The doctor told he parents not to send her to the hospital because she was going to die any way. An aunt of her’s in Europe prayed for her and sent back Holy Water from a shrine of Our Lady. When they put the Holy water on my Mother, she not only lived, but also much of her scars peeled off her face. Scars do not do that in the natural. The aunt died before my mother was free of her deep scars on her chest and arms. But she has lived a wonderful life any way.

    With out praying, I know my faith would be dead.



    To be honest, I am at the point where I am not doing as much prayer as I normally do. It is just because I am so busy right now. I go through cycles. I have seen the power of prayer, though. When I pray my Rosary, one thing that I ask for is that my brother is given extra protection when he is on the road. He is a trucker driver who drives across country quite often. One day, he was driving in his regular truck with his daughter when they had a major accident. It was one where they should have been hurt very badly, if not killed. They both walked away with minor injuries, just bruises (especially to my brother’s ego!).

    I used to not pray all that much. I saw it as too hard, or a waste of time. You know, the usual excuses like why would God want to talk/listen to me, I am such a horrible person anyway. But, the more that I have learned about our faith, the more that I believe that God really wants to hear from us. We just have to open our hearts to it.


    Whenever I think that God doesn’t want to hear it from me, I think of how Jesus told the children to come to him. He wants us ALL.

    Plus, I also like parying to Mary because she is ONE OF US, and that is jsut huge, mentally.


    Andres Ortiz



    I think the main reason why I do not pray, especially intercessory prayer, nearly enough as a should is that I make excuses that I don’t have the time or am to busy 1) to pray 2)to wait/listen for the answer. Intercessory prayer requires patience and trust. I think my human weakness sometimes causes one or both to be lacking.


    Well, time is one thing I never have problems with…

    I pray in the Car, in bed, everywhere…

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