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    The Catholic Church opposes all forms of cloning and stem-cell research.
    I wonder why in the CC there is no mention about cloning or stem cell research,my personal opinon is I oppose human cloning but am neutral on stem cell research,my thinking is if it can eliminate allot of dieases I think that would be great, are these stem cells taken from aborted babies or from organ donors who denote there body when they die?If it’s from aborted babies then I say NO.
    Would like thoughts on this.



    Hey, I am a molecular biologist who did his final paper on therapeutic and reproductive cloning. Maybe I can help? <img src=” title=”Razz” />

    The Catechism does not include sections on cloning and stem-cell research because at the time it was written (1982, I believe), those technologies were in their infancy. They were not of great importance to address at the time and their morality was likely not discussed and settled in detail.

    Most stem-cell research is carried out on embryonic stem cells. These cells are harvested from unborn children, killing them in the process. Some stem cells remain when we are adults and such strains can be grown for study without killing. However, scientists believe that adult stem cells are not totipotent (they cannot develop into any type of cell) but pluripotent (they can develop into many, but not all, types of cells). So, they want to conduct their research with embryonic stem cells.



    Thanks for the GREAT discription now I’m opposed to both.



    It’s time for Ovarian Health Protection Legislation

    Embryo cloning for research requires millions of human eggs. How do embryo cloners get their eggs? By paying thousands of dollars to cash-strapped college women.

    The Federal Human Cloning Ban is stalled on Capitol Hill, and only seven states ban human cloning for any reason. The women you love are at risk of being exploited by Big Biotech as egg farms. (Great site)

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