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    The Cub

    [b:3fepsdud]How Can We Expect Matthew 24 to Be Realized? [/b:3fepsdud]

    The times have arrived. The End Times are being realized before our eyes in the daily news.

    The following link compares Matthew 24 to certain private prophecy and to the daily news.


    Whether one believes this or not, we would all do well to keep our eyes open for danger as an animal in the forest does at all times.



    I neither discount nor do I accept most endtime stories. From the first days of the Church there where those who saw signs of the end. In the days of the Apostles, there where those who stopped working or contributing to the Church in fact lived off of others in the Church because they believed that our Lord would return in their own times. Some of these also practiced birth control* as they did not think that we should poplulate the earth because our Lord was returning in their lifetimes. Another example of a case in which the Church had to use her authority to stop the spread of heretical untruths that where attacking orthodox teachings.)

    The Church bids us to live each day as if we where going to meet our maker at the end. Each of us will have a personal end and be responsible to God at the judgement seat. Unlike those who hope only on Christ’s Sacrifice and do not take any personal responsibility in their salvation, the Scriptures and the reaching of the Apostles from the earliest days of the Church speak of our working out our salvation. We cannot do this if we do not unite ourselves with Christ and His sacrifice, but we must cooperate with Him, and still fulfil the expectations He has for us, and we are given by that body which is authorized by Him the Church. We may be seeing the end times, and we may not. Either way, we will come before God in judgement, Particular and General [url:2j8dnljp][/url:2j8dnljp] [url:2j8dnljp][/url:2j8dnljp]

    *Ancient romans practiced abortion and used various herbal potions to prevent conception as well as to abort, and various “devices” to prevent pregnancy, (from an article in an old Biblical Archeology issue 10-15 years ago.)



    Cubbie,maybe I’m missing something,what is your ? about Matt:24?


    The Cub

    [quote:3k5fqofi]we must cooperate with Him,[/quote:3k5fqofi]


    I agree……and He is telling us through contemporary prophets that the times have arrived. Furthermore, He is providing us directives as to how to make it through them with His grace.

    Indeed, we must cooperate with Him…..We must build our “ark”, as He has directed….He did not build the ark for Noah, but provided His directives, and blessed Noah’s work.

    Read the information provided at the above mentioned link. It provides comparisions of Holy Scripture, certain private prophecy and the daily news.

    Maranan tha!



    I think a better understanding of Matthew 24 is that the first 35 verses deal with Jerusalem at the time of the end resulting with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. Remember this was what Jesus was referring to in v.3.
    Refer to Luke 21:20 where Jesus warns of Jerusalem being surrounded by armies and instructing those listening “to flee to the mountains”.

    Christ also states that ” this generation shall not pass till all these things take place”.

    Nation did rise against nation during this time, the Roman Empire experienced two civil wars. It was thought the empire would not make it.

    Read the text: Jesus is specifically talking to the disciples.
    They experienced v. 9.

    Just some thoughts.


    The Cub


    Fr. Most speaks of this in chapter 5 of his book entitled: “Multiple Fulfillment”

    Free From All Error: Authorship, Inerrancy, Historicity of Scripture, Church Teaching, and Modern Scripture Scholars: “Chapter 5: Multiple Fulfillment”


    You may find it interesting.

    God bless,




    I’ve encountered multiple fulfillment among premillennial dispensationalists.

    I feel that we have to be careful in applying Scripture to current events that can be very subjective.

    There are those that sell books and make a living in end times prophecy by subjectively applying current events to “fit” a particular verse. As you can see Christ has not come back yet and the church has egg on its face.

    Just be careful. “Test all things; hold fast what is good”. 1 Thes.5:21.



    [color=darkblue:ca5ykh83]Hey Cubbie, is that picture for your avatar the real deal? I’ve heard about that apparition and seen some pics on it, but is true? Did it really happen?[/color:ca5ykh83]



    I’ll let cubbie answer, but from what I recall it was from a Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt.


    The Cub

    Hi Bernadine,

    Yes, it is a photo of Our Lady of Zeitoun, which was approved by the Church. She appeared there during the 1960’s and made her presence known for photos and television.

    See the Gallery at the left here:


    God bless you and your family,




    All I could find on the site was the approval of the Coptic Pope. The Coptic Orthodox are Monophosite, and not in communion with most Christians because they hold our Lord to have only one nature. They do not hold that He is True God and True Man. There is a Catholic counterpart, the Coptic Catholic Church which is in communion with Rome and holds the orthodox teaching of our Lord’s two natures.


    The Cub

    Earth’s Magnetic Field About to Go Reverse?




    Andres Ortiz

    Earth’s Magnetic Field About to Go Reverse? … id=9143913[/url][/quote:12tesezk]
    I’ve actually heard about this. Should be interesting to live through for those that do. (what’s this got to do with the topic though?)



    It is a good thing the Universe is so vast. Although when this last happened according to scientific speculation there was no human around to detect the reversal.


    The Cub


    Read the link provided in the original post this thread…..

    Also, note the following discussed therein:

    Evidence Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Reversing



    The Cub

    North American union plan headed to Congress in fall
    Powerful think tank prepares report on benefits of integration between U.S., Mexico, Canada[url:faz4gdl5][/url:faz4gdl5]

    Continental currency all the rage

    Argentian & Brasil dropping the Dollar

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