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    The history of the Catholic Church is about 2000 years. In fact, the Catholic Church dates its start time back to Jesus as the founder of the universal church.

    When reading respectable history books about the history of Christianity we notice that there is a particular Catholic flavor to all of it before the 15th century. There is no other Christian denomination that can say the same about theirs.

    It’s so odd when there are people out there who try to spread the lie that there was always a small group of Christians who were practicing the faith alone, Bible alone, once save always saved thing since the time of Christ. This can’t be true. Why did they suddenly get so popular and some recognition within the last 400 years then?

    What did they do with a Bible for the first 400 years and if the Catholic Church is so wrong, why do they accept the Bible anyway? <img decoding=” title=”Confused” /> After all, the Bible is more or less a Catholic Tradition. :!:

    Christian history is Catholic history and vice versa. There is no way you can separate the two and say some other groups existed. Yes, there were other groups, but they were called heretics and if the conditions were the same now as they were 1500 years ago, I’m sure modern day dissenters would be called heretics as well.

    But, now it is all broken up into “denominations” instead of faithful Christians and heretics.

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