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    As most of new mem did. I am introducing my self:
    I am a scholar studying in Singapore and obviously : I am a Catholic.
    Nice to meet you all brothers and sisters in Christ.
    (P.S : Anyone of you know how to set up an avatar) :rolleyes: <img src=” title=”Smile” /> :o


    Andres Ortiz

    About boycotting Da Vinci Code. I will support all. I dun really understand why money become so important for Hollywood and my favorite actor Tom Hanks, became the main actor of the evil film just also because of money ??? :cry: :cry:



    Welcome, Iam glad to hear that you would share your support for the cause of our Lord. <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />



    [color=darkblue:10yjpnsp]Welcome to the forum.[/color:10yjpnsp] <img src=” title=”Smile” />

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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