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    For those that are married, please offer your reflections on love. What does love mean to you in your marriage? What was your perception of love right before you were married?


    I did not want to be the first to respond here-because I am family.Since 3 days have passed-I’m over that guilt.

    It would be nice to hear from others, as Jon has asked I do believe feelings change from before marriage to being married many years.(27 on the 27th of Aug. for us).

    That is why this time,before the marriage of our first-born daughter, is so wonderful for us. We relive our own courtship and early marriage. It was a wonderful time—-but having ‘been there’ we also remember the struggles and adjusting we needed to do—-and that is not bad at all because we still struggle with issues and we still adjust to the other’s life journey. ( hopefully hindsight makes us helpful and not “bud in ski’s” lol.

    As for how things have changed?? We always thought we put God first -even in the beginning of our marriage. But our following of God’s word was far off track. (at this moment I feel like we were following God but on the frontage road, never quite in His path, running into roadblocks that did not exist on the straight and narrow highway)

    That’s why I believe inviting God into marriage has been so good—we still are little lambs after all these years —and He has been so wonderfully watching over us even through each one of our juvenille ideas.

    That’s all for now—-okay the rest of you married folk, or perhaps folks who have been married or in long-term relationships please speak up <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Do they still call them blended? Well anyway, my wife and I just celebrated( or at least noted it on the calendar) our ninth anniversary. When my wife and came together she had two children already. Since our marriage we have added three more. Our ideas on everything have dramatically changed in the past decade have changed, especially love. It had become so easy to get caught up in the world and assume that the anchor of your life( next to God) would always be securely their. People change, circumstances change and sudeenly my wife realized our marriage needed to change. Our marriage is the foundation of our lives but we had put alot of weight building on the foundation. We rethought our goals, our lifestyles, dreams, parenting and on and on to rekindle our marriage. We found are love was too dependent on the ways of the world the you can have everything mentality. Marriage isn’t a you it is an us, and we each had to make it where the other wanted to willingly join so an us could form, the love has flowed out of that ever since.


    Well, I’ve been married nearly 5 years now and, yes, love does change. I think we’ve both mellowed and become more like one person (including the weird almost psychic thing) and I think we’re probably more in love now than we ever were. God willing this will never change.

    Other things change too, of course. We’ve had one child (3 next month) and are currently expecting another (due 18th December, uncannily the feast day of one saint instrumental in my finding the Church!) and if it hadn’t been for my wife I’d probably still just be Orthodox in my heart. Without her I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to wake up and actually enter the catechumenate – which is one major reason I took St. James the Persian as my patron saint. He was bullied into doing the right thing by his wife too! <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />


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