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    I have a friend named David. He’s decided to go Agnostic. He’s not saying that God doesn’t exist, he’s just not sure which religion is true, and to be honest, none of us can be absoluetly sure. We know that the Bible is truth, but we don’t know other than the general stereotype of Christian which denomination is true. It could be anything.

    I have another friend, named Anthony, who’s dying in the literal sense. He has a type of disease that is slowly killing all his organs. Sadly though, this disease started in his heart, so he doesn’t have much longer before he’ll die. That is, unless he can get the greatly needed heart transplant. He’s been on the transplant list since December. The doctors had pinpointed the source of what was ailing him, but they hadn’t figured out what it was yet. Now they’ve come to the conclusion that it’s an organ killing blood cell. I don’t remember the name of the disease, but it’s killing him.

    He’s been living with his aunt since he was four because his real mom is in prison. She’s getting out in 15 days and his aunt has decided to postpone the transplant until then. She wants him to see his mom one last time “just in case.” I know that Anthony’s a strong kid. He can make it, but not on his own. He needs God in his life just as much, if not more right now, as anyone else. He’s not saved, as far as I’m aware. He just needs as much prayer as he can get. Please pray. Please.

    Thanks and God bless,



    Adding your intentions to my prayers.



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    For you or your friends it would be nice to take them to a adoration chapel and sit and prayer for as long as you want,Me and my wife just came back from are adoration chapel,it’s nice and peaceful. I hope the Lord blesses you and your friends to full recovery
    Also you do not have to be Catholic to visit a adoration chapel

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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