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    What is your favorite reality TV show? Mine is “The Ultimate Fighter” which airs on Spike TV Thursday nights and the re-run is Saturday nights. <img src=” title=”Razz” />


    Andres Ortiz

    I have none, sorry.



    I also have none.

    I greatly disagree with the typical model of voting someone off the show every week or otherwise undermining teamwork and selflessness.

    And the person I like the most is always voted off first so I have no incentive to watch later episodes.



    <img src=” title=”Very Happy” /> My favorite show on cable is the reruns of FAMILY FEUD with Richard Dawson,look at it everyday.



    I’m actually watching a Spanish version of “So you think you can dance”.


    Te Deum

    Absolutely none, here.

    No offense but those TV reality shows usually are just entertaining garbage for the masses.

    I do have my vices, such as Football or F1, though. :rolleyes:


    Andres Ortiz

    I take it you don’t mean American football.


    Te Deum

    [quote:2wuq90i5]I take it you don’t mean American football.[/quote:2wuq90i5]

    That’s why I called it simply football <img src=” title=”Wink” />

    Now, more seriously, I know Americans call the sport soccer in order to distinguish it from (American) football. But everywhere else in the world, it’s just football.

    Speaking of which, we have the World Cup this month! Go Portugal! <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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