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    <img decoding=” title=”Confused” /> [color=blue:3djs2ssz]This statement was always confusing to me,when the priest says “in hope of rising again”. I was thought to believe when a person dies he/she goes to heaven,hell or purgatory,I know when at end of time your body will rise and meet your soul,So what does statement in hope of rising again mean? [/color:3djs2ssz]

    II – 1 of 3
    EUCHARISTIC PRAYER No. 2 (as Revised)
    Priest, with hands extended says:
    Lord, you are holy indeed,
    the fountain of all holiness.
    Hands are joined, then outstretched over the bread and wine, says:
    Let the holy Spirit come upon this bread and wine to bless them,
    so that they may become
    Hands are joined, and making the sign of the cross once over both bread and wine, says:
    the body a and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Hands are joined and speaking clearly and distinctly the priest, united with Christ, says:
    Before he was given up to death,
    a death he freely accepted,
    The host is picked up, raised slightly above the altar and the priest continues:
    he took bread and gave you thanks.
    He broke the bread,
    gave it to his disciples, and said:
    He bows slightly:
    Take this, you who have participated with Me, and eat:
    this is my body which will be given up for you.
    The priest takes Jesus in His additional form and raises Him high in honor and presents Him to the
    congregation. He then returns Jesus to the paten, and kneels or genuflects in holy adoration.
    When supper was ended, he took the cup.
    The chalice, with sacramental wine, is now raised a little above the altar and the priest continues:
    Again he gave you thanks and praise,
    gave the cup to his disciples, and said:
    He bows slightly.
    Take this, all of you, and imbibe with me:
    this is the cup of my blood,
    the blood of the new and everlasting covenant.
    It will be shed for you and for those whose sins
    are to be forgiven.
    Do this in commemoration of me.
    II – 2 of 3
    Priest: Now let us – give recognition to our Lord Jesus.
    – acknowledge the presence of our Lord Jesus.
    PEOPLE: A Lord you have died,
    Lord you have risen,
    Lord you are here again.
    Priest: Now let us petition our Lord Jesus.
    PEOPLE: B Dying you destroyed our death,
    rising you restored our life.
    Lord Jesus, bring us to your glory.
    Priest: Now let us express faith in our Lord Jesus.
    PEOPLE: C When we eat this bread and drink this cup,
    we proclaim your death, Lord Jesus,
    until you return in glory.
    Priest: Now let us give honor to our Lord Jesus.
    PEOPLE: D Lord, by your cross and resurrection
    you have set us free.
    You are the Savior of the faithful.
    In memory of his death and resurrection,
    we bring to you Father our gifts to be offered
    with this life giving bread, this saving cup.
    We thank you for counting us worthy to join
    in your Son’s offerings and serve you.
    May all of us who worthily share in the body and blood of Christ
    be brought together in unity by the Holy Spirit.
    Lord, remember your Church throughout the world;
    make us grow in love, together with faithful priests
    and the community of faith.
    In Masses for the Dead the following may be added:
    Remember N., whom you have called from this life.
    In baptism he (she) died with Christ:
    may he (she) also share his resurrection.
    Remember our brothers and sisters
    who have gone to their rest
    [color=red:3djs2ssz]in the hope of rising again[/color:3djs2ssz]:
    bring them and all the faithfully departed
    into the light of your presence.
    II – 3 of 3
    Have mercy on us all;
    count us worthy to share eternal life
    with Mary, the virgin mother of God,
    with the apostles, and with all the saints
    who have done your will throughout the ages.
    May we praise you in union with them,
    and give you glory
    He joins his hands.
    through your Son, Jesus Christ.
    Jesus, on the paten and in the chalice, is lifted and the priest sings or says:
    Through him, with him, in him,
    in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
    all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father,
    for ever and ever. All reply: Amen.


    Probably just “waiting for the second coming of Jesus”.


    I think vaguely it means our hope of rising to Heaven (rather than descending to Hell), but I am probably totally wrong.


    It may be just an issue with the English connotation of hope.

    We use hope in the sense of “it may happen.” But hope in the faith, hope, and charity model is more like “when it happens.”

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