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    Lazarus certainly did die, as we know from the Gospel account. Jesus raised him from the dead, so in one sense Lazarus did have a “resurrected” body, but it was really his “old body” resurrected to die again. It was still bound with the same old cloths they’d wrapped him up in. Hopefully, he took a quick shower. He didn’t have a “glorified body” like the saints in heaven; he didn’t go to heaven and get sent back again, else he would have complained vehemently to Jesus and his relatives there for bringing him back here!

    So, in reality, Lazarus died twice! He surpasses the general rule of Hebrews 9:27. He really beat death, through the intervention of Jesus. He lives here a bit longer and dies again later entering his eternal life for good



    [color=darkblue:2nak9kq1]I also hope he took a shower… :mrgreen: [/color:2nak9kq1]



    <img src=” title=”Confused” /> What was the purpose that Jesus resurrected Lazarus to live only a few more years on earth?


    Andres Ortiz

    Perhaps to demonstrate that he is the Son of God.

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