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    I found this site and this community forum through a link in [url:33rtch4g]http://www.catholicity.com/[/url:33rtch4g] and it seems interesting enough to stick around.

    Let me try to briefly introduce myself <img src=” title=”Very Happy” /> : I’m 24, male, portuguese and catholic. Though I was born and raised one, like everyone else around here, but by the time I had made my First Communion I was dropping out of the Church. Many years have followed hence of complete and stubborn atheism, scatterly painted with some glimpses of agnosticism, now and then. They were times when I was obsessively against religion and, especially, against our beloved Church… :cry:

    Eventually, I grew tired of that absurdity and hollowness and tried to reach back to God. Sadly, I was still quite culturally prejudiced against the Church (it is an unfortunate reality nowadays, even in traditional Catholic countries like Portugal <img src=” title=”Confused” /> ), so I took a bold and, perhaps, immature move and became a muslim, as I always had a great interest in arab/islamic culture and felt quite attracted to the simple concepts of God and of the islamic worship, to put it quite simple though there’s more to that.

    This, fortunately I guess, helped me rediscover religion and religious life and after a year of intense muslim life, God opened my eyes (I intensively prayed for Him to show me the ¬´right way¬ª) and I realized how mistaken I had been towards Christ and how misled I was to search Him in the wrong place. Eventually, after realizing amongst other things that Muhammad was just a charlatan and a pedophile and Allah being his sick creation, I returned! And what a mist of joy and at the same time sorrow and shame for all those years away from God and His Church! How much had I belittled and sinned, and how much I was wrong! I feel that Christ, in His unsurmountable love and compassion, had mercy on me, this insignificant sinner, to show me the way. After all, he is the [b:33rtch4g]Way, the Truth and the Life![/b:33rtch4g] <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />

    I’ve been passionately and uncompromisingly trying to make up for the lost time and to resume a full life and integration into the Church, despite my shortcomings. I’ve been to confession (after God knows how many years!) and I’ve been able to receive Holy Communion as well. This May 28th, me and some other coleagues will receive Confirmation, God will. I’ve been quite fortunate that the parrish I attend to is quite active and welcoming. The priests (both from Opus Dei) are good pastors and promote free biblical and christology courses for our community, [i:33rtch4g]inter alia[/i:33rtch4g]. I’ve been well impressed so far.

    I’ve been reading much about the history of the Church, about her teachings and fathers, the Bible, the saints and I must say I only wish I had more time. I’m seriously considering to help our Church more in the future, so a priestly vocation is hanging around in my thoughts for some time now :rolleyes: , but I think it’s still too soon to be thinking of such a high responsibility role like that.

    Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep in touch with communities and forums like this one, to exchange experiences and to learn more.

    God bless and peace be with you <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />

    [i:33rtch4g]Pax Vobiscum[/i:33rtch4g]


    Wow, congratulations! Welcome back! That’s interesting that you were Muslim for a short time…that will bring a good perspective to the forum.

    I will pray for your discernment into the priesthood and for your reception of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    [quote:25fbf2ij]I will pray for your discernment into the priesthood and for your reception of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/quote:25fbf2ij]

    Thank you very much for your support, Jon. God bless you.


    Hello, My name is Maria I just joined and Im excited to see so many fellow belivers. Im a latina living in Ohio but I come from Cali (big shocker) :mrgreen: If anyone ever needs to talk Im here for ya <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />
    ROMANS 1:8

    Ante todo doy gracias a mi Dios, por medio de Cristo Jesus,por todos ustedes,pues su fe es alabada en el mundo entero. (9) Dios sabe que los recuerdo constantemente en mis oraciones, le rindo ese culto espiritual que es trabajar por la Buena Nueva de su Hijo.


    Wow, we’re getting pretty multi-cultural around here! Welcome. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />


    Thnx for the welcome, I love to read are there any
    interesting books you can recommend?


    Catholic books?


    I’m sorry did I forget to mention that? Yes, catholic books and any other.


    I always thought [i:3ahr1c2x]Rome Sweet Home[/i:3ahr1c2x] by Scott Hahn was a good starter book.


    I am currently reading “CALLS” FROM THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA. It has helped me to want to lead a life that is truly obedient to our Lord. It is hard but I really want to try.


    [color=darkblue:3odme0q2]Wow! That was a pleasant read [i:3odme0q2]Te Deum[/i:3odme0q2]. Welcome to the forum.

    I also pray for your discernment.[/color:3odme0q2]


    [quote:1nzkyukt][color=darkblue:1nzkyukt]Wow! That was a pleasant read [i:1nzkyukt]Te Deum[/i:1nzkyukt]. Welcome to the forum.

    I also pray for your discernment.[/color:1nzkyukt][/quote:1nzkyukt]

    Once more, thank you very much for your support Victor. God bless you.

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