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    I heard it said once that we live in a very complex world. I believe this to be true. How fortunate are we that we are given the pope, bishops, and priests (Magisterium) to help us interpret scripture and lead us on the narrow path to salvation. The complexity of this earthly life can lead many astray. It would be much harder and maybe even impossible for us to be on our own to interpret God’s word individually and still have the same beliefs. As Catholics, we are blessed to have the guidance of authority within the Church.

    Do you think that it makes sense that God gave us a means of guidance while we are in this intricate world?


    I’m pretty sure that’s why Jesus called 12 people specifically to lead the church after Jesus’ death and resurrection. It certainly wouldn’t seem that Jesus wants just any person(s) out there to shepherd his flock.


    Speaking of just any person(s) not being able to lead the Church, as a Catholic I feel blessed that the Pope has infallibility when it comes to God’s word and finding what that means for us today. Now, especially there are people who twist or “tweak” the passages of the Bible to have a meaning that was not intended by the author (God). Yes, the Pope is human, but obviously he is not just an Average Joe. His papal lineage is traced back to Peter who was the rock on whom Christ built his Church. So the point of all this is that Christ put a lot of faith and trust into Peter to look after His bride, the Church, thus, Christ knew that Peter and his successors would be following in Christ footsteps as best as humanly possible, and therefore, the Pope is to be trusted by Christ’s followers.


    Just remember, though, that this is only possible because Jesus promised the protection of the Holy Spirit and it’s through the spirit that we have our faith preserved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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