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    In days of old, convents attached to some parishes used to make hosts for the parish, and sometimes to surrounding parishes. Nowadays there is a large company, (Cavanah) that has taken over the host making in the US and Canada.

    I’m looking for a few of the host making setups to take down to Mexico for some poor missions. This will supply them with some extra income when they sell hosts to larger more affluent parishes in the cities. (Who knows possibly even to sister parishes in the US and Canada too) The equiptment usually looks like a waffle iron, and comes with a steam tray and cutters to cut the large and small hosts. There may still be a few convents around that have these sitting on a dusty shelf, If anyone out there hears of some, contact me at the forum, I’ll pay for shipping, and getting them past the customs authorities in Mexico and Guatemala.


    Andres Ortiz

    That’s a great idea! If I run across anything like that I will ask about it. I wish I would have known this a day earlier. I was at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy yesterday and perhaps they had something.



    Thanks, I also collect old vestments, chalices, linens etc to take down to the missions, however getting a few of the host making supplies is what I’m pushing for now. It does not matter if the vestments are modern or old and out of fashion, they will use everything. Old veils for chalices and maniples no longer used are good for pulpit hangings and book markers for the Lectionaries, everything can be reworked or recycled.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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