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    Tomorrow, April 24, 2010, marks the 95th anniversary of the yet to be globally recognized Genocide of the Armenians.

    beginning on April 24,1915 Armenians living in Turkey in villages and towns were raided, attacked, killed, raped, starved, parched, and beaten to death. the survivors of these government initiated attacks were forced to march to their deaths through the Syrian desert of Der Zor with no food or water, carrying only the things they managed to swipe before Turkish gendarmes forced them out. On the way, Armenians saw horrendous crimes against humanity. one survivor recalls seeing two Turkish gendarmes notice a pregnant Armenian woman. they cast lots to see if the baby was a male or female, then proceeded to cut open the premature womb of the woman and take the baby out. after they had seen who won, they cut the baby to pieces in front of the eyes of its mother. The mother lay there bleeding. no one was allowed to help or they would be killed. she lay their until she died.

    almost 2 million Armenians were brutally and mercilessly killed. Why? because they were Armenian and more importantly they were the infidels in the eyes of the Turks. they were Christians.

    To this day Turkey denies that the Ottoman Government, under the command of Talaat, Enever, and Jemal Pasha commited this atrocious crime. America has not recognized this as well.

    pray for global recognition. May all my forefathers who died there rest in peace.



    The event will be marked all over, and tomorrow at the Pasadena City Hall there will be a large commemoration.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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