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"passionately_catholic":3m7g9krt wrote:
thank you sir LARobert! i used to worry about those cardinals who, according to the “blessed mother” (of veronica) kidnapped pope paul and replaced him with a phony…

but now that i mentioned these cardinals, do you know anything about them?
if they didnt fake pope paul 6 then, do you have an idea why, of all the many cardinals in rome, were they the ones who were falsely accused?
After Vatican II there were many people who were upset with the Changes that occured. Some thought the Council had not gone far enough, others retreated into what they thought the Church was in the 1950’s or earlier. Seers, and conspiracy theories filled a need for these people, who wanted an explanation of why things were not as these people thought that they should be. False accusations with little or no proof sprung up by the dozens. Each group latched on to these theories, because is would mean that they and their position was the correct one.