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"passionately_catholic":26vjiojm wrote:
but that fake paul 6 in the picture, was that still the real paul 6???[/quote:26vjiojm]
They are both the same man. Pope Paul VI. the Photos on the left were taken shortly after his election, the photos on the right were taken near the end of his life. Look at photos of your parents or grand parents when they were young, and when they were aged, you will see changes in those photos too. The photos are real, the Pope (same man in both pictures) is real, and the story that there was a fake is the only thing fake about this whole issue dreamed up by Veronica to try and explain why the Church was not doing the things that she wanted.

If you look at photos of presidents of the USA, most of all those who served two terms, and put the first photos taken of them on the left hand side, and the pictures as they were leaving office on the right hand side, you will see what a high stress job, with great responsibility does to change one’s apperance. Image if they had the same job for 15 or 20 years.