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Catechisms are not what most Anti-Catholic writers lead them to believe. They are in a way Cliff Notes, a short summary of the teachings of the Catholic Church. A Catechism may summarize the Faith, and include additonal information that one is permitted to believe, and those dogmas that one must believe, however most times the explanations are those of the authors of the individual catechisms. There are two that are more authoratative, and published by the Magesterium itself. However nobody should make the error of believing that the information in a Catechism is exhaustive or that it contains an entire and comprehensive covering of the subjects between the covers. What a Catechism is intended as is, a brief summary of topics related to the Faith, that will hopefully inspire others to seek out more information.

To understand the position that the Catholic Church has regarding how to read the Bible, here are a couple of (but not an exhaustive list) official documents.



I’ll try to add a few more over the weekend, as well as include some quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.