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"Deeown":2wm4s4hj wrote:
Today i was told by my teacher that one huge mistake about Catholics is that they put the Popes infallibility above the Bible. aka if the Pope sais something against the bible or something he wants to add to the belief not found in the bible is alright. is this true?[/quote:2wm4s4hj]
Yep. it’s true. 100%

"passionatly_catholic":2wm4s4hj wrote:
guess his word would have to be above scripture since it was the pope’s word that made the 73 writings scripture…

…wow. really? I didn’t think heresy meant including your Pope to this mess. Heresy should and always be Christ centered. what i mean by that is if you speak out against the church’s teachings about Christ not being devine or being god and man, then it should be considered heresy. Otherwise, it’s not.

"LARobert":2wm4s4hj wrote:
The Catholic Church teaches that the Pope is only infallible under the following strict guidelines. The Pope must be.

1. Teaching to the entire Christian World

2. In the fullness of his Apostolic Authority

3. when he is solemnly defining a matter of Faith or Morals[/quote:2wm4s4hj]
1. The whole christian world? Don’t you mean just catholics? No good protestant wants to hear some old geezer preaching to adders who’s ears are already plugged agaisnt the word of god.

2. What is that? I’m sure THAT’S not biblical…no…wait….it could be…hmmmmm

3. define “defining a matter of faith or morals.” soooo let’s say old man benidict goes up to the podium and says something about faith AND morals at the same time. should only one of his statements count? LARobert, you should’ve used ‘faith and/or morals’ and not ‘faith or morals.’ I’m just throwing it out there for you

"LARobert":2wm4s4hj wrote:
Since there is no authority on earth that is superior to the Pope,[/quote:2wm4s4hj]
I’m sure Hitler got this beat. After all, your pope obeyed to all of his commands as a child. then again, you might just be talking about religious authority. I’m sure that’s were you were getting at.

Deeown, youre right. a lot of popes back then bought their way to their possitions along with breaking other rules that “good Catholic priests and popes and the like” would only dream of doing; sex with women (or animals, thier choice), drinking exessive amounts of alcohol, belonging to the National Socialist Party of Germany, tricking innocent laymen that salvation could be purchased for them and their decised relatives through a paper as useless as the pope’s possition itself.

ok…..let’s look at it this way……i’m not saying that your pope isn’t a nice guy. I mean, his cardnial friends just voted for him. Who doesn’t want to vote for a good guy? all i’m saying is that i kindly disagree on this dudes position as president of the catholic church.