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So essentially it’s still there? The morality of the whole thing? Even if a list is not made to tell you what you can’t read? That’s dumb, and here’s why:

1) Anything contrary to your precious Catholic teachings would be labeled as “destructive to a good Catholic’s soul.”
2) I hope you meant communism as an idea and not as a government system. Had you meant it as a governmental system, you would be contradicting yourself because the Communist Governments, be it Lenin, Stalin, Mao, are godless. They emphasize on the leader being “God” so that all religions of that area would be labeled as “inferior.”
3) All my school aged Catholic friends hate going to church. They hate going to classes for them to be Catholics. So you tell me who’s the better Catholic: My friends not going to classes or my friends who are “more Catholic than the Pope” and who do everything correctly and condem my other friends for not being Cathlolic enough.
4) People are systematic creatures. They need order. They need reminders and they need structure. Taking away the Index will only lead them to ignore everyting about things “destructive to a good Catholic’s soul.”
5) Speaking of [i:9ly5d2vd][u:9ly5d2vd]Mein Kampf[/u:9ly5d2vd][/i:9ly5d2vd] and systematic folk, I’m sure your beloved and idolized Pope knows all about that :lol:

I’m i too rough? Let’s water down a bit, shall we?
Where i’m getting at is i think that it doesnt matter were you get your info or who you got it from, what matters is that you have it.

Oh, and thanks for making this whole subject for me. youre way too kind <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />