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"LARobert":fcaffos4 wrote:
The point, missed by your reading is not electric guitars, but where they are placed. Many Protestant Churches have a stage with music and the sermon as a form of entertainment, rather than God as the central point. I’ve been to many a “Revival” where the draw was the Band, and not the message.[/quote:fcaffos4]
I remember many Sundays ago I was at Bible study after church and we were reading the chapters of 1 Corinthians when somehow we got on the topic of services in churches.

Most of the “Evangelical Protestant Churches” like some Baptist denominations and other obscure, more liberal Protestant Churches tend to have the proclamation of the Gospel and a rather contemporary pallet of music. To me, it seems like nothing but entertainment and excitement for everyone. I personally find them scary since Lutherans are liturgical and not very “exciting” people <img decoding=” title=”Razz” /> But back to my point….Most churches that focus only on the good and the exciting are in for a huge surprise when a disaster hits. In our Bible Study class, the example Pastor used was the attacks on 9/11. This was a time where just about everybody was paranoid and scared. While the liturgical churches (such as the Lutherans, the Catholics, the Episcopalians, etc) are prepared for these kind of situations, these other denominations had no clue how to react. They actually had to go up to the Catholics or another liturgical church and ask ‘how do we handle this? what are we supposed to do.’

Entertainment outside the Church is fine, but when you incorporate entertainment into the service and into the sermon, you distract everyone from the main point. I’m not saying music shouldn’t be allowed in Church. What I’m saying is that hymns, the service, etc. should be Christ centered. I personally am not in favor of an electric guitar in church. Then again, I do believe that the Organ is the “King of the Instruments.” :cool: