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"Papa.Cod":2ios7x2d wrote:
I’m not lutheran, but James is. He just told me that I should join this website so I can get a better understanding of what your church says instead of just learning it through a book or something. I was confused because I thought rome is all Catholic.

And what’s so wrong with having an electric guitar in church?[/quote:2ios7x2d]
Rome is a City, inside of the boundries of Rome on Vatican Hill, (Not by the way one of the Seven Hills of Ancient Rome) taking up about four acres of realestate. Independent, and surrounded by a country that at times has been more anti-catholic than Calvin’s Geneva. There have been Princes, Duces, and Communist leaders in Italy who have tried their best to rid the country of Catholics.

The point, missed by your reading is not electric guitars, but where they are placed. Many Protestant Churches have a stage with music and the sermon as a form of entertainment, rather than God as the central point. I’ve been to many a “Revival” where the draw was the Band, and not the message.

If you read the writings of the Early Christians, the Eucharist, was the central focus, not the band. Hymns were sung, and sermons were preached yes, but they all pointed to the central focus of what Jesus gave us at Calvary, Himself. No Altar Calls, no Soloists, no Bible Only, Sinner’s prayer or Once Saved always saved. Nope the Apostles would not recognize that as anything the Jesus taught.