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"LARobert":1036bin6 wrote:
Now as a Catholic, having investigated the claims and doctrines of Buddhist, Protestant, Orthdox, and my own jewish heritage, I have found the fullness of the truth to reside only in the Catholic Church.[/quote:1036bin6]
I know that I’m a minority on this website and what I’m about to say could cause mayhem, but I would like to say that in my Comparative Religions class I took at school were we studied about the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Confucianists, the Taoists, the Shintos, the Muslims, the Jews, the Orthodox Christians, The Catholics and the Protestants, I still found that Lutheranism is Truth and will always be Truth.

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However that does not mean that I can’t discuss the similarities and differences without trying to condemn someone for their beliefs.[/quote:1036bin6]
It truly his hard for me to look at another faith (or religion for that matter) and say “You’re wrong and I’m right,” but that doesn’t mean that I disregard it altogether. I love learning about other’s thoughts, beliefs, and culture. That’s why I took that class. I knew that it will help me in my future and in my future career.

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It is also very hard to make a blanket statement regarding all Lutherans, Episcopalian/Anglicans/Methodists etc[/quote:1036bin6]
And you’re right. It’s hard to say “this is what all Protestants believe in” because you really can’t label a single idea to all Protestant sects. For example, Lutherans have a unique way of explaining good and bad. We call it “Law and Gospel*.” Law meaning bad because we cannot follow God’s Law perfectly as he asks, and Gospel meaning good because through our Lord Jesus Christ are we saved by his Grace through Faith. I have not found any other sect that uses the concept of “Law and Gospel.”

*Every time I see the words Law and Gospel together, I feel like watching an episode of Law and Order. I know. I’m strange <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />