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I agree with Jon. There are any number of private prophetic writings that the Church neither condemns or endorses. The problem is because they are not Public Revelation, such as is the case for Sacred Scripture or the Deposit of Faith, they are not required belief among Catholics. Individuals take such private revelations as if they are required belief, and carry the mark of infallibility. Some people put these writings in a position that is far more important (to them) than the Scriptures and living a life of virtue. While the end of time will come no doubt, so too will our own lives one day. For most of us, it will probably be before the end of the Earth. So it is more important that we try to live a life free from sin. When we do sin, avail ourselves to the medicine Jesus gave us, ie, we are reconciled Sacramentally and strengthened through the Eucharist. When it come to reading, that we study our Faith by reading the Sacred Scriptures and Good Catholic books that explain the Faith.