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"F.Martinez":2931d6u8 wrote:
I’m a Catechist Instructor of Confirmation and my students are very intrested in the Book of Revelation and “end times.” I briefly told them that the last book in the bible is not about the end of the world/rapture/the apocylpse BUT what it is is the Mass as John saw it. It’s all there: Men in vestments, incense, and altar, a lamb “laying as though slain,” chants of Holy, Holy, Holy and, much much more. When I told them this, they had a hard time believing it because they’ve all bought into the Protestant notion that it’s symbolically speaking of the end of the world. I’m currently reading “The lamb’s supper” by Scott Hahn any additional info that you all would like to share? Thanks!
are you sure its not about end times?

it seems pretty clear Revelations does speak of the end of times..