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i think i finally figured out the part that i’d really want to be cleared;
i get the part that the mass is a re-presentation, but i dont understand why the priest says “Father WE OFFER YOU this life giving bread, this saving cup”
the “we offer you” part, is it like Christ saying “Look, I have offered my body as a bloody sacrifice already on calvary, but it doesnt end there, I also am offering myselfy eternally in the heavenly tabernacle, as a living sacrifice and as the bread of life since I am your high priest, do YOU want to be able to offer it too? YOU get to do that and offer your very own sacrifices in mass, since at every mass you get a glimpse of ME in heaven making my offerings…”

sir LARobert i hope you dont get tired of my queries, pls tell me what you think <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />