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While I have no problem stating that I think, even hope that Lutherans, Methodists and others outside of formal union with the Catholic Church, are there because they truly beleive that the entire Word of God is preached there, I also have to be honest and say that I don’t believe that it is. Having been raised in a jewish home, and evaluated Christianity learning what many of the several thousand different Protestant Sects teach, it was through anti-Catholic rhetoric that I started to study the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church I found the fullness of God’s word, not an edited version. In the Catholic Church I found that the Anmensis that Jesus commanded in the Last Supper does take place, and in Protestantism I found a His words to be questioned, and watered down. It is for that reason that while I can pray with and for my Protestant brothers, that they may one day enter into a full relationship with Jesus, and have richer life with Him that I can’t endorse all sects being equal with the One Church Jesus founded, and promised to remain with until the end of time. The only Church I have found that does not in it’s official Moral or Dogmatic teachings compromise with what Jesus taught is the Catholic Church. While like anywhere on earth it is composed of sinners, it has not officially taught anything contrary to scripture, which I cannot say about any other Church.

One thing that saddens me is the misrepresentation that has been done against the Catholic Church. For instance, I have seen many a Protestant parrot anti-Catholic writers by saying the Church condemned them to hell for their beliefs. Some go so far as to quote the Anathemas that one coucil or another promulgated. They fail to understand, because they believe that their Pastor, or article they read has not misled them, that an Anathema is not a condemnation to hell, nor Has the Catholic Church ever declared or pronounced that any individual person is in hell. Calvin did, and the polemics between the various founders of Protestant Churches did against each other. But the Catholic Church has not declared anyone unsaved, or in hell. Only the belief systems they may hold. One’s salvation is dependent of God’s Grace, and the extent that we knew the truth and accepted it. For someone who misunderstands of has never heard the honest truth about the Catholic Faith, God Himself, (as with all Catholics too) will determine the state of our souls, and we seeing the truth of our lives, and God will clearly understand the Justice of His Decision.