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There were several disturbing troubles before the final split in the 1054, and even though Orthodox don’t like to admit it, the Catholic Church attempted a reunion at the Council of Florence On 6 June 1439 an agreement was signed by Patriarch Joseph II of Constantinople and all the Eastern bishops but one, Mark of Ephesus, who held that Rome continued in both heresy and schism. Apparently, the Great Schism was over. However, after Patriarch Joseph II of Constantinople died only two days later, the Greeks insisted that ratification by the Eastern Church could be achieved only by the agreement of an Eastern synod. Unfortunatly there was resistance once the Eastern Bishops returned home and the Patriarch of Constantinople died within a few days of the signing of the documents.

Many Eastern Fathers petitioned to Rome for final and authorative judgements on issues. Orthodox will however stress the opinions of those who did not agree with the Primacy or Rome, or who’s writings can be interpreted either way as proving they are correct in their intrerpretation.

Most helpful is that we pray as Jesus did, Ut unum sint, “That they all would be one.”