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[quote:q5o2zpu0][b:q5o2zpu0]470.What is forbidden in by the fifth commandment?[/b:q5o2zpu0]
The Fifth commandment forbids as gravely contrary to the moral law:…
-Suicide and voluntary cooperation in it, insofar as it is a grave offense against the just love of God, of self, and of neighbor. One’s responsibility may be aggravated by the scandal given; one who is psychologically disturbed or is experiencing grave fear may have diminished responsibility.

[u:q5o2zpu0]Compendium: Catechism of the Catholic Church[/u:q5o2zpu0].[/quote:q5o2zpu0]
That is were the Catholics would stand according to their catechism.

"LARobert":q5o2zpu0 wrote:
One of the differences between Protestantism and the Catholic Faith is that Protestants tend to see things in Black and White. Suicide is a sin, always and everywere, would be what most Protestants believe. But then again many also believe that one sin is as bad as another, and once you are “saved” you can’t do anything to loose salvation.[/quote:q5o2zpu0]
While this may be true for some Calvinistic churches such as the Baptists, Lutherans (The LC-MS Lutherans,) take the same approach as the Catholics would according to LARobert: [quote:q5o2zpu0]Look at one’s intent[/quote:q5o2zpu0]
Here is the Official website to the LC-MS Church concerning Suicide.