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"Jon":2bg3gksp wrote:
Way too often I hear some radical Christians proclaim that religion is bad, religion will send you to hell, etc. and that they have a faith in Jesus.[/quote:2bg3gksp]
Jack Chick, who I assume is a major Anti-Catholic, believes in just this.
Just recently, I went to my local Religious Store. I was looking for a bible when I looked over at the children’s section of the store were I stood, frozen with terror.

Jack Chick’s tracts were there in a container. And they were in the children’s section! I wanted to tell someone but I just couldn’t. I felt my heart sank with sadness and frustration. I knew that those little comics aren’t really for entertainment and had a much more deeper meaning than whimsical characters on paper.

I decided to take a look at the little selection and thank goodness they weren’t like the ones on his website. Sadly, though, they give the same meaning but it’s hidden within the child-friendly comic strip.

I left in disgust….
and I didn’t buy a bible. :lol: ha ha Oh well. Maybe next time.