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Well it’s sort of missing a few books. The books that Martin Luther expunged from the Bible were included in the first edition of the KJV. In the succeding versions they were removed as Anglicanism began to lop off more and more Catholic Liturgical, Theological and Moral teachings. It is interesting that even during the period of time known as the Penal Era, where any Catholic priest caught offering Mass or providing the Sacraments in secret was given 24 hours to convert to Protestantism, or face being handged, drawn and quartered, while still alive, Anglicans kept the books that they ejected from the Bible in the offices of the Book of Common Prayer.

I myself prefer the Knox translation, Msgr Knox was originally an Anglican, and very anti-Catholic. The son and grandson of Anglican Bishops (Low Church) He read history and became convinced of the Catholic Claims. His conversion caused quite a stir in England, as he was looked upon as one of the most likely candidated to become Archbishop of Cantebury, (Primate of the Anglican Church).