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I have been married for many years now. I am a Catholic married to a non-Catholic. My husband doesn’t have any religion. His parents are Buddhist, but he doesn’t do as his parents do. After Sunday mass today, the priest asked me to talk to him. He asked about my religion and my husband’s. In that conversation the priest told me that “I cannot have communion because of my situation.” I was shocked and very depressed. Being a Catholic, communion , receiving the Eucharist is very important to me. I feel that attending mass is complete when I can have communion. Now that this priest told me that I CANNOT HAVE COMMUNION because I married a non-Catholic. He said I should ask permission from the Bishop where I was born (in another country because I migrated to another country). I said that why can’t I just ask Jesus’ approval in my prayer. He said no, but who is higher , Jesus or the Bishop? To get the bishop’s approval, I have to spend lots of money , time and energy to go to the place where I was born, which is in another country, thousands of miles away ! I was devastated. I cried on my way home after mass. The priest kept on saying I can’t have communion because of my situation. I felt I was condemned for marrying a non-Catholic. At home, I kept wondering if I can’t have communion, then what’s the purpose of attending mass. It’s would be better to just stay at home and pray, as the same as going to church without communion. I asked the priest many questions, but he never gave me any answer , hoping he could help me understand:
1. Where is it found in the bible that I should ask for a permission from the Bishop to marry if I marry a non-Catholic ?
2. Today’s mass, the priest mentioned about the 10 commandments, so I asked him which of the commandments that says I have to ask the bishop for his approval?
3. If I want to ask for approval to marry a non-Catholic, can’t I ask Jesus for it instead of the Bishop? Jesus is higher than the Bishop.
4. Jesus died for me, and if I go to take the communion, will Jesus forbid me saying, you can’t have communion because you married a non-catholic?
5. Being married to a non-Catholic, will it be a sin if I take the communion?
6. If I don’t get the bishop’s approval, will Jesus death be in vain, because I married a non-catholic?
I raised my children about Jesus and Mary, and how to trust God. After this incident, I don’t know what to teach my kids about communion because I myself can no longer have this. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />