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That’s pretty much how I see it as well. However, I often get the impression that this conversation isn’t necessarily welcomed with open arms. I get an emphatic “the Church has spoken, there is nothing more to talk about”……I find this type of reaction and thinking…really does more to hurt the Church. I mean……what in the world do catholics think occured in Councils? Do they think all bishops and priests agreed? For goodness sakes, there was a point in history when most bishops had it wrong. In some cases, bishops literally got into a physical altercation. People really do have a tendency of forgetting just how human catholics can get.

On another note, I do understand why the Church hesitates and drags it’s feet in hard cases like this. The world has seen that with abortion and we see it historically with contraception, with the Anglicans introducing a loophole for “hard cases” in 1930 and now virtually all Protestants seeing nothing wrong with it what-so-ever. This is precisely why the Church is so firm in her teachings: to prevent this sort of slippery slope mentality.[/color:1z83yxp5]