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"LARobert":1relvvak wrote:
Thanks for starting out easy. As Catholics we believe that death does not exclude one from membership in the Church. The Church is composed of all believers, both those here on earth and those who have died in Christ. Just as we can ask those our brothers and sisters in Christ here on earth to pray for us, we also can ask Mary, and the other saints, who are now in heaven with God to pray for us. Writings and archaeological evidence from the earliest days of the Church (when Christians still met in secret before 330 AD) show us that this practice is an ancient and accepted practice back to the time of the Apostles..[/quote:1relvvak]
true you can ask Mary to pray for you as well as others but how do you know Mary is in heaven right now? dont we all go to heaven or hell AFTER the final judgement? in this idea then no one is in heaven until Christ returns to judge the world. 1st thessalonians tells us the dead in Christ will rise first. well that would mean no one has risen yet since Christ has not returned yet. so doesnt that mean Mary is still dead? how can she pray for you if she is still dead?

id like answers too please i am thinking of becomming a Catholic