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well obviousley this Immam knew NOTHING about his religion. i am a faithful Christian but i do however know a thing or two about Islam

for example. did you know the word jihad or the term holy war is NEVER mentioned in the Kuran? (Islamic holy book) Islam is a religion of peace no where in the kuran does it say kill nonbelievers.

Islam was however founded on war and struggle. long ago there were many villages surrounding one another, each an idol worshipping village. they all worshipped different gods. they all had their own shrines and temples in the middle of all their villages (present day Mecca ) alll villagers would come and praise their gods there. soon word came that enemies were attacking. the vllages, being all seperate, decided to fight sepreatley. a man, named Mohammad (founder of Islam), saw the consequences of fighting seperatley. so he went into the wilderness and saw a “vision from god” telling him all the people must unite to praise allah not their idols. so he came back and preached the word. naturally many people rejected and stuck to their roots and gods. what does Mohammad do? he makes his own army and threatens to attack these villages if they do not convert and praise the one “true” god. allah. he then destoryed all the other shrines and made one temple for islam in mecca (present day muslims go on a pilgrimage here)

so yeah not founded on peace but i have heard it is a religion of peace.

still a wrong religion though. Christianity is the only true religion to save you and show you the Glory of God.