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Will Durant was raised a Catholic and turned away from the Catholic Church in his early adulthood when he wanted to live a life contrary to Catholic Moral teaching. Near the end of his life he returned to the Catholic Church and admitted his anti-Catholic bias in his writings where based on his rejection of the moral teachings of the Church in his early life. Happily he returned to the bosom of the Church on his deathbed, but was unable to revise all the books which had been in print over his very prolific carrer.

E.G. Schwiebert’s books (published by Concordia, a Lutheran publishing house) would of course take Luther’s side of the debate.

While I can bring up any number of Catholic sources that take the opposite position, such arguments will end up having us chase our tails. Obviously I don’t take the Lutheran claims as accurate, and I do admit to biases on the part of some of the older Catholic books on Luther. However I still stand with most modern historians that Luther was unable to respond to Eck’s arguments, or give a reply that was sufficient.