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One of the most famous. His is the first recorded, and out of humility he did not readily show it to most of his fellow friars. In his case it manifest itself not as the actual wounds, but “excrescences” which where protrusions in the skin that looked like the nails in his hands and feet. The back of the hands are described as looking like the head of a nail, and the palms as the point of the nail that bent back into his hands.

Others have had Mystical (invisible) sitgmatas, and still others actual wounde like St. Padre Pio.

The Church is very careful about the phenomina, Padre Pio was secluded and not allowed to preach of function publicly for many years. The reasons included that the Church wanted to verify that the stigmata was a true stigmata, as there have been some who fake the stigmata, and some who because of mental illness have been able to produce the stigmata. In the 1970’s a Catholic Lay Brother named Brother Gino alleged to have the stigmata, and hear messages from heaven. There was a long investigatin, and he finally admitted to faking the sitgmata and the messages.