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"LARobert":baplk5nb wrote:
James:I don’t claim infallibility, nor as I have mentioned before can a computer forum be exhaustive in covering all aspects of any given topic.[/quote:baplk5nb]
I do understand that a computer forum cannot cover every aspect of the Catholic faith but rather give a different aspect.

"LARobert":baplk5nb wrote:
So a Protestant or a Catholic who does not understand the teachings of the Church and is misled into renouncing what he falsely believes is the Catholic Faith is not a formal heretic, because he is rejecting not what the Church teaches, but what he has been falsely led to believe is what the Church teaches.[/quote:baplk5nb]
My friend from school was a very devout Catholic and went to confession often, went to church every sunday and prayed often. He’s in the situation like me and he’s been in the faith most of his life. He knew what the Church taught and he knew why Catholics do the things they do (such as fasting on Advent, the Sacrements, the honoring of the Saints, etc.) and he wants to leave. I’m not quite exactly sure what teachings but he denies a few and those teachings.